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Learn more about the only Malay-language radio program in Western Australia.

Radio Melayu Perth (Perth Malay Radio), abbreviated as RMP, is a Malay ethnic community radio program broadcasting from World Radio 6EBA 95.3FM – Perth’s only fulltime ethnic radio station with 700,000 listeners in an average month1.

RMP has been operating for more than 25 years, since its first broadcast on 9 December 1990. It is the media arm of MAWA Inc. MAWA is also a member of Multicultural Radio & Television Association of WA Inc. (MRTA), which owns and operates World Radio 6EBA 95.3FM.

RMP broadcasts every Saturday night from 9 to 10.30pm and purely run by volunteers.

The People Behind RMP

RMP has been managed by dedicated volunteers from the community. They come from various backgrounds with the sole purpose is to uphold the Malay language and identity in Western Australia. RMP also receives support from members of the community in arranging personalities from Malaysia and Singapore to appear live on its program. So far RMP has hosted award-winning actors, TV & radio presenters, singers, celebrity chefs, fashion designer, motivational & religious speakers, academicians, ministers, and political figures.

Sponsor Us

Why you should consider sponsoring Radio Melayu Perth?

  • Sizeable population – Malay-speaking resident is estimated about 15,000 (nearly 1%) of total Greater Perth population (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2011 Census) – great opportunity to tap into this niche community market via radio.
  • Targeted market – your products and services could serve the specific needs of the community such as halal food, and other related cultural and religious requirements. Radio sponsorship is an effective way to reach this narrow market segment.
  • Highly effective at a lower cost – Compared to other type of advertising methods or even commercial radio advertising, community radio sponsorship can reach potential customers at a small fraction of cost without compromising its effectiveness.
  • National and international exposure – our broadcast is also listened by fans from other states in Australia and Malay-speaking countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei via online streaming. Interstate visitors and from those countries will become aware of your business when they hear your message.
  • Positive perception – By sponsoring a community program, your business is likely to be perceived favourably by our listeners, thus increasing the likelihood for them to support your business.
  • Intentional listeners – Listeners of RMP are intentional – they tune-in to listen to popular Malay songs that they requested or would like to dedicate to someone. Your sponsorship message will be more memorable when the listeners are engaged and RMP offers such listeners.
  • Partnership opportunities – Sponsorship provides further opportunities to work in partnership with RMP by taking part in community-related events, live interviews, and talks. In turn, your business will able to foster a stronger relationship with customers while gaining further brand recognition. Let RMP be your media partner to spread the benefits of your products and services.