Do you have any community programs or event to announce? Maybe you have products and services that you would like to promote within the Malay communities in Western Australia.

We can announce via radio announcement, email blast to our members, Facebook page posts, newsletters and whatapps forwarding depending on the nature of your program or events.

Our guideline for announcement is as follows:

  • For community-based non-profit event with free admission, we will announce for free. This includes any fund-raising events such as fete or religious talk at your mosque provided that it must be free to enter.
  • For community-based non-profit event that collects admission fee or sells ticket, we accept small contribution of ranging from $20 to $100. This includes Gala Fund Raising Dinner or other paid events. You choose the amount of contribution you feel appropriate to support us.
  • For commercial for-profit event, products and services,  we go by sponsorship rates or package. Please fill the form below and we’ll send you information about sponsorship rates and packages.
  • Individual or personal announcement such as looking for missing family member is free as part of our community service.  This does not include selling personal items.
  • Donation appeal in response to natural disasters or charitable causes will be announced for free.

MAWA Inc and Radio Melayu Perth reserve the right not to accept announcement that we feel inappropriate to our members and listeners including anything deemed politically motivated or offensive.

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